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TwinzGear was started by a Twins Family for Twins Families
After being surprised half way through our pregnancy that we were going to have twins, my husband and I immediately panicked. We didn't know were to turn or what to do. But as we shared our exciting news with friends and family, our good news began to spread. Quickly, we discovered we were now becoming part of a wonderful network. The network of families with twins. The outpouring of support and encouragement we received from other twins families was just wonderful and that's what we want to create here for other twins families.
In addition, my husband and I had enjoyed a very active lifestyle with our first child. We skied in the winter and boated in the summer and quickly found that those activities were very difficult once our twins came along. Our goal here is to help other twins families find the gear they need to get back to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible.
In fact, throughout our website, you will find TwinzGear "Great Gear" Picks which are the items that we found particularly helpful for our family. You will also find twins-related items which are not found at your local retailers. We would also encourage you to visit our FAQ's twins message board. You are welcome to post any questions that you might have and our network of twins families can offer that their thoughts and advice. In addition, we publish a monthly twins newsletterwhich will also provide you with informative thoughts and perspectives from other twins families.
Our goal is to welcome you into the wonderful network of twins families, and share what we've learned, and help you prepare for the arrival of your wonderful bundles of joy! Congratulations!